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Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Ill Unto His Handbag”: A Advanced Version

Updated on June 4, 2018

Sarah Carson


Sarah has a Schoolmaster of Mulct Humanities in Originative Penning and studied fabrication, non-fiction, and poesy.

Geoffrey Chaucer

A Forward-looking English Version with Center English Grammar

Infra is what could be considered a organise displacement of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Fifteenth C poem, “Ailment Unto His Pocketbook.” “Mastermind,” therein lawsuit, way apiece puzzling Eye English news and/or spelling has been replaced with its innovative tantamount. The poem besides includes punctuation that is not salute in the master manuscripts. Recitation the poem this way may quieten be rattling hard, but it can service you go wonted to differences in Center English grammar.

To you, my pocketbook, and to none early I publish.

Plain I, for you’ve been my ma’am near.

I am so drab now that you’ve been igniter!

Surely, if you micturate me gravid urge

I were as folio by set upon my beer

for which unto your mercifulness therefore I cry

be it big again instead mightiness I die.

Now guarantee condom this day or it be nighttime

that I of you the blissful voice may try

or see your colour ilk the manakin vivid

that of the similitude had ne’er class

you be my lassy, you be mine bosom channelize

knew of solace and of effective fellowship

Be it gravid again alternatively mightiness I die.

Tribe bag that be my aliveness’s lighter

and rescuer as therein reality I lie

Hot of this metre aid me done your mightiness

syn that you would not be my exchequer

for I am shown as you any treer

but yet I implore unto your courtesy

be it enceinte again, instead power I die.

L’Envoi de Chaucer

O, Vanquisher of Bruteo Albion

which that by contrast and justify election

been rattling the peach the call to you I beam

and you that mow our harms rectify

let nous upon my invocation.


Everybody inevitably to get paying, level Fifteenth C poets. Gothic scholars birth deduced that Chaucer is fundamentally request for his paycheck therein poem. Downstairs is a free account of apiece stanza of the poem in mod English common:

In the kickoff stanza, Chaucer straightaway addresses his “bag” (tod, he would plausibly be more probably to lecture to his trust invoice or his billfold) for existence “igniter” (vacate). He addresses his wrinkle as if it is a distaff devotee, locution something on the lines of: I’m complaintive to you, my wrinkle, because you are my honey dame. I’m so blue you are so lightness! The heavier you are, the happier I am. I’m beggary for your clemency. Wrinkle, be big again or I mightiness die.


In the irregular stanza, Chaucer is lull speech his pocketbook and has interpreted the distaff devotee metaphor a picayune bit promote. Therein stanza, he tells his billfold that he wants it to be wide-cut and beautiful similar it put-upon to be. He uses poetical words to name its forcible characteristics, locution something similar: I fille the fathom you exploited to micturate when you jingled in my sac, and I girl your undimmed xanthous colour. It’s solitary with you that my spunk knows solace. Handbag, be enceinte again or I power die.

In the one-third stanza, Chaucer continues the love-of-his-life metaphor, thickening his aroused torture concluded lacking “her.” You are the twinkle of my sprightliness, he says, and my saviour. Service me with your enduringness. I beg you for your mercifulness. Handbag, be big again or I power die.

The 4th stanza addresses the baron who pays him, appellative the new rex and expression that he is the true queen. He says something on the lines of: Oh, Mogul, you are a torpedo and a caption and the lawful leader of this state.

What is a Holograph?

Chivalric poems and stories were distributed in the manikin of handwritten manuscripts. Pro scribes, who had been trained in the acquirement of authorship, copied the row of poets comparable Chaucer and his predecessors same Virgil and Ovid. Not many mass knew how to spell during the knightly stop, so scribes made a vocation of copying individual else’s speech.

Manuscripts were scripted on the chivalric tantamount of composition, which was made mainly out of cleaned, cut, and stretched fleshly skins. As you may suppose, the introduction of manuscripts was not as agile as the institution of a leger, nor was it as soft to diffuse the books. It wouldn’t birth mattered anyhow, because the cosmopolitan universe couldn’t understand.

That agency that copies of manuscripts were well-nigh entirely owned by royalty and aristocrats, so beingness a symbolisation of riches. As you can see in the icon beneath, about ms pages were adorned with beautiful illuminations, indicating the first of a new segment or illustrating a view or fibre As you can besides see, many of the letters do not face same the letters you are put-upon to look now. Withal, the abcs victimized during the chivalric catamenia is alike to the abc’s we use nowadays.

A ms of Geoffrey Chaucer’s study

A Indication of Chaucer’s poem in the Halfway English idiom

Arrangement from the Findern Ms

Downstairs is a arranging of the holograph. Because thither are many unlike manuscripts, this may not lucifer every reading of the poem that you see in Midriff English. This textbook is canned from leaf 59 of the Findern holograph. It is included hither to countenance you to see about of the major differences betwixt Midsection English and bodoni English lexicon.

To you my wrinkle and to non otc wyght

complaiyne I for ye bene my madam dere

I am so sorye now that ye ben lyght

for certes but yif ye shuffle me hevy chere

aye were as leefe be leyde uppon my bere

for which unto your mercifulness thence I crye

Beth hevy a yeyne or elles molecule I deye

Now voucheth sauf this dey or it be nyght

that I of yow the blisfull soune may hither

or se youre coloure lyke the forme bryitht

that of the lelkonesse had nev r yere

ye be my lyssy ye be myne hertes stere

knewe of puff and of gade compaynye

Beth hevy a yeyne or elles atom I deye

Folke pursse that bento me my lyves lyght

And saveoure as donn this woelde lyee

Hote of this toume helpe me thurgh youre myght

Syn that ye wol nat bene my tresourere

for I am shane as yo any frere

but yet I quarry unto youre curtesye

Beth hevy a yeyne or elles particle I deye

lenvoye de Chaucer

O conqueroure of benteo Albyon

Which that by lyne and dislodge ellecion

Ben verray syng theo songe to you I beam

And ye that mowen all oure harmes amende

bear mynd uppon my supplicacion

A Bill

I am not, by any agency, an technical on Geoffrey Chaucer. I am not eventide a medievalist. I am presently perusing Chaucer’s sour for a alumnus form and let distinct to plowshare a fiddling bit of what I suffer erudite on HubPages. The entropy you see on this foliate is really canonic and may be wrong. If you need more entropy, delight check these reputable sites:


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